In this section you can check the frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, you can contact us by email, telephone, Whatsapp or using our form in the Contact Link.

How long is my boat rental?

Full day rental:

Usually the rent is 8 hours / day.

The hours will be decided by the customer guided by the following parameters:

  • Boarding (check in) – Starting at 10 am
  • Disembark (check out) – at 6pm or 6.30pm before the closing time of the gas station to refuel.

Half-day rentals:

From 10 am to 2 pm or from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Long-term rentals:

The time and day of check in and check out will be established in each case prior.

* No rental boat is allowed overnight navigation.

What is included in the rental price of a boat?

  • Boat rental rate.
  • Mooring in buoy
  • Insurance

What is not included in the rental price of a boat?

Fuel plus optional extras.

* Fuel: After the sailing day, the client or employer will go to the petrol station to refuel leaving the fuel tank as it was in the loading (full).

* When refueling at the gas station is not possible, the hours of navigation made (engine hours running) will be calculated and multiplied by the fuel hour / engine expense of each boat model. This payment will be made in cash / visa to the person in charge in our office.

* more optional extras. skiis, doghnut, wakeboard, monoskii etc.


2 hours of engine on a boat that consumes 5 liters / hour of diesel:

2 x 5 = 10 liters x diesel liter price = result.

Pattern Fee:

Check the availability and price when making the reservation.

Boat rentals without skipper:

Boat rentals without skipper require a bail deposit delivered at check in cash or visa and to be returned at check out when the boat is delivered in perfect condition. Each ship, depending on its value, has established an amount for this bond (consult in each case).


Other extras not included in the rental price such as sheets, towels and other bedding will be specified in each rental in advance.

Moorings outside the port:

Moorings outside the base port of each vessel are excluded from the rental rate, and must be reserved and paid by the client in each case.

How to book a boat on

It is very simple

You can contact us through c electronic orreo, telephone (+34 654 158 923), whatsApp to pre-book your boat.

To formalize your reservation you must make a payment of 25% of the rental price either by bank transfer or by visiting us in our office by card or cash. The other 75% will be paid on the day of boarding upon formalizing the check in of the chosen ship.

Rent a boat without skipper: It is allowed to rent boats without skipper to all those who have the required nautical qualification for each type of boat, whether national or international. At the time of check in, it will be required by the person in charge.

All rentals without skipper will require a deposit deposit.


Consult in each case the penalty that the chosen boat might have for the cancellation of a reservation.

If the weather conditions are adverse , we will try to change the rental date, and if this is not possible, the integral part of the reservation will be returned (100%).

* Bad sea means the impossibility of leaving port due to weather causes that constitute a risk to the ship or passage, it will also apply in cases of heavy rain , but not on cloudy days where do not sun

Useful advice

Make time to book your boat at this will guarantee a better price and the availability of the boat you want during your vacation.

If you plan to disembark and eat on land, make your reservation in advance, in high season the restaurants in the area

It is advisable to use sunscreen and sunglasses

Always check the weather forecast before sailing –

See our section of boat routes where we suggest various routes and anchorages to follow.

Plan the route depending on where the wind blows on the day of the charter to look for protected and calm anchorages, which will make your journey even more pleasant.

If you plan to dock in a different port than your assigned boat, we recommend doing it with time, in high season there is a lot of demand and it is often difficult to find a mooring.